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Why Java Certification in the Philippines Matter

The age of computers has truly been growing ‘til this day. That being said, there are various jobs that demand knowledge on certain computer programs, which is why computer courses these days are mobbed by a lot of students. One of the most used programs is called the Java programming language.

The primary goals in the creation of the Java language is that it should be simple, object-oriented and familiar as well as it should be robust and secure. Another thing is that it should be architect-neutral, portable and dynamic and should be executed with a high performance. Computer programs written in the Java language must run similarly on any hardware/operating-system platform, which is achieved by compiling the Java language code to an intermediate representation.

Today, there are such things as additional courses in Java programming that will enable the participant to obtain a Java certification. These courses are adopted by various countries such as the Philippines. However, there are questions if such a certification really matters at all.

Most Filipinos are known to be “sigurista” or “prudent” in English, which means that they are always careful in making decisions because of the fear of making a mistake. Executives in the country also exercise prudence, which is why they try, as much as possible, to hire people that are really capable in their chosen field. This is why it is an advantage to have a certification such as a Java certification as this would make you look more accurate.

The Java training program teaches you how to write Java applications that can run on multiple platforms reliably. It helps the participant have a more in-depth understanding on the program as well as teaches those new to Java such as those switching from other languages.

However, these days, it’s not enough to just have a Java certification. Companies would most likely choose those who have a degree than those with only a certification. In other words, Java certification plus nothing means zilch, but with Java certification plus a degree, one would be golden.


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