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2020 Resolution: Further your knowledge and get ahead of your career

"Personal development is a major time saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals." - Brian Tracy

Indeed, honing your craft will help you to master your skills. It will help boost your career, open up better career opportunities and allow you to contribute strategically to your company. Investing in self-improvement helps you to push yourself to places you haven’t been before.

In 2020, make furthering your knowledge and skills to get ahead of your career your New Year's Resolution. Be it to get certified on industry-leading framework, upgrade your technical skills or to simply learn a new Office productivity tool, we can help you get there.

Because we want to help you achieve your personal and career goals in 2020, we're giving away as much as 25% discount on selected public courses from January to March 2020. Check out the applicable courses below.

25% Off on selected courses from January to March 2020.

Applicable Courses:

Software Testing, Six Sigma, IT, Office Productivity and Professional Development

What are you waiting for?

A better career opportunity awaits you next year when you get trained or certified. Grab this opportunity to save on your course fee today!

Reserve your seat by downloading and completing this registration form. You may also send us an inquiry here or call (02) 8616 8079, 0917 113 1154.


  1. This promo is valid only for enrollment based on the list of courses and dates indicated in this offer.

  2. This promo is valid for enrollment until January 31, 2020 only.

  3. This Promo is valid for public schedule only and not for exclusive classes.

  4. Promo cannot be combined with any discounting scheme availed at Phoenix One.

  5. Phoenix One reserves the right to move the training schedule in the event that no quorum is reached for a particular class.

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