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Learn How to Complete Your Projects Efficiently Through Our Six Sigma Training Courses

Get trained and earn your Six Sigma Certification in the Philippines with us. Our Six Sigma training courses cover every facet of the philosophy, principles, and application of both the Lean and Six Sigma methodology, including its supporting system and tools, as well as its process improvement techniques as applied to various operational and business models. Leveraging your actual projects in the training and workshops will help you gain first-hand insights and expert guidance on how to successfully complete your project and achieve your objectives.

Our Quality Assurance/Software Testing courses, on the other hand, give you an in-depth understanding of the different types of testing, and highly practical knowledge of techniques and tools used to help you to be a better tester, which also cover prevention as well as detection of software defects.

Rely on Phoenix One to help you improve your production processes, eliminate defects, and guarantee quality. We achieve this through the different courses we offer.

We have Six Sigma courses that allow you to learn about the key concepts and techniques that can help you solve the various process problems you might encounter in your company. The training we offer also touches on the application of the Lean Six Sigma methodology and the supporting systems and tools needed for successful implementation.

Aside from the Six Sigma certification program we offer here in the Philippines, you can count on us for courses that teach you all about software testing and quality assurance. With this program, you can be sure that your software products are designed and developed to meet customer requirements. We'll teach you the different types of testing, how to identify and fix defects, and how to ensure that the software runs smoothly.

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