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Accelerating software development

and improving operational performance


DevOps is an approach based on lean and agile principles in which business owners collaborate with the IT development, operations and quality assurance functions to deliver services in a continuous manner. Thus enabling the business to more quickly seize market opportunities and reduce the time to include customer feedback into business products and services.


DevOps leverages the interdependence of IT development and IT operations to create higher quality products and services. It aims to help an organization rapidly deliver the value sought by the customers of IT.

Improved customer experience and satisfaction

Increased service quality and efficient operations

Increased customer value through responsiveness to change


Improved alignment of IT and business

Increased reliability of service delivery

Enables a culture of resiliency and agility.


DevOps Training and Certification

Key to maximizing the benefits of DevOps to your business is developing your people with its essential principles, guidelines and tools. 

Phoenix One Knowledge Solutions, Inc. partners with MindMagine Asia Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Quint), a co-founder of DASA (the DevOps Agile Skills Association), to equip IT professionals in the Philippines with the fundamentals of DevOps and Agile and help businesses serve their stakeholder efficiently and effectively.

DevOps Philippines - Resources
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