Upcoming Events

Python for the Curious: Discover the Python Programming Language

June 26, 2020

Get to know Python in this hour-long session and discover the power of programming.

Microsoft Excel Webinar Series: Logical Functions (IF Function)

June 10, 2020

Learn more about the Logical Functions (IF Function) which will allow you to check for a specific condition and to modify the data according to a specific condition.

Practical Scrum for Teams

June 04, 2020

Learn the concrete elements that you need to adopt the Scrum System, hit the ground running with it, and begin to reap the benefits. 

Microsoft Excel Webinar Series: VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP Function

June 03, 2020

Learn more about the VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP functions in Microsoft Excel that allow you to use a portion of your spreadsheet as a search table. 

Microsoft Excel Webinar Series: Date, Time and Text Functions

May 21, 2020

Learn more about the Date, Time and Text Functions so that you can display the dates in the specified format. This webinar will allow you to grammatically correct date and time formats using Text Functions.

Understanding MS Excel Pivot Tables and Charts

April 27, 2020

Learn the in-depth tools available in PowerPivot so you can analyze huge amounts of data quickly and accurately. 

Data Security for Remote Workers

April 19, 2020

Working remotely due to COVID-19? Here's how to stay cybersafe while working from home. 

January 14, 2020

Learn the required skills and capabilities your organization needs to stay relevant in a world of digital transformation and disruption.

DevOps Intro

July 04, 2019

We invite you for a 2-hour introduction to DevOps to learn what’s exciting about it this year and to discover what can help you with successfully implementing it in your organization.

Transforming into a High Performing Organization

January 30, 2019

Join this half-day Executive Briefing to understand how proven frameworks and methodologies can help you transform your business into a high performing organization.

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