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Modern Code

Uncover The World of Programming and Think like a Pro

Learn Modern Code

Learn Modern Code for programming beginners and immerse yourself to a 240-hour virtual learning experience through mentorship, practice coding skills by developing real-life projects and get downloadable useful guides.


Step up your Game

Invest in your future to step up your game and start your journey to becoming a future-ready programmer. This is the best time to discover coding secrets from experienced IT professionals and start earning even more!

Learning together is Fun

Learning together is fun! In this course, we welcome all beginners and IT professionals who want to have a deeper understanding of the programming languages. And, to keep everyone aligned these are the key knowledge and skills you will be needing for this course: 

Node + Express
MongoDB (NoSQL)
Testing using Jest, Mocha and Chai
REST (Representative State Transfer (API)

The Mind behind Modern Code

Phoenix One help their students get ready for the real-word of programming for the past 15 years.   
They equip their students globally with the right skillsets, methodologies, tools and industry best practices companies are using today to ensure their students are future-ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Learning ReactJS Sets You Apart from the Rest?

Global companies are using ReactJS in building highly engaging web applications and user interfaces using comparatively much speed and lesser time than other programming languages. If you want to step up the game and become a future-ready programmer in the coming years, learning ReactJS as early as now is a wise career move and a good way to invest on yourself.  


Who uses ReactJS?

Companies Using ReactJS.png

Who are Global Companies Eyeing for ReactJS Skills?

Almost every day local and global companies are eyeing for IT developers and professionals with extraordinary talents. Companies like Accenture, Indra, Elite, Zeniark and Cloud Panda are some of those companies looking for professionals with ReactJS knowledge and skills to name a few. 

Stand out from the rest and start your career in programming by learning and having a deeper understanding of the programming languages.

What Programmers Salaries Globally Look Like? 

ReactJS Salary.PNG

Kickstart your career now!

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