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Learn from home with Virtual Instructor-Led Training and e-Learning from Phoenix One

Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t continue to acquire new skills. Staying at home can be the perfect time for you to make an introspection of your career; weigh in on your strengths, weaknesses and the professional development that you need.

We are making training and development more convenient and accessible to individuals and businesses in this era of work-at-home business via our Virtual Instructor-Led Training and e-Learning. You can expect the same benefits of a typical face to face training, delivered virtually or online to help you learn a new skill anywhere you are.

Read through our quick list of frequently asked questions below to learn more about VILT and e-Learning.

What is the difference between VIRTUAL INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING vs E-LEARNING?

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is a real-time training conducted by highly-qualified and experienced trainers in a virtual environment, giving you the exact same course materials, personal support, face-to-face engagement with the trainer and other participants that you would expect to find in a conventional classroom.

e-Learning allows you to learn anytime, anywhere at your own pace. Our e-learning courses provide you with online lessons, downloadable course materials, quizzes, sample exams, and an online exam voucher.

Inquire here for Virtual Instructor-Led Training or e-Learning

What are the advantages of these training delivery methods?

  1. Learn a new skill or get certified right at the comfort of your own home. No more need to travel or sit hours in traffic to be able to attend a class.

  2. Course fee is cheaper than traditional face-to-face, instructor-led training.

  3. Interact with trainers and clarify questions via a dedicated Q&A time in each session.

  4. Self-paced learning means you fit the study around your work and family commitments.

What are the available courses in VILT and e-Learning at Phoenix One?

These courses are currently available at Phoenix One delivered as either a virtual instructor-led training or e-learning. Do check back as we make our other best selling classes available via virtual delivery.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training available

The following are Certification Programs available in VILT. Click on the links below for the course outline.

Phoenix One Training Programs available in VILT. Click on the links below for the course content.

e-Learning Classes available

Click on the link below for the outline.

Will I be able to ask questions or speak to the trainer?

Most of our virtual classes are run via Zoom software where you will be part of an online group attending an online meeting. You will be able to hear (and often see) the trainer and see the course materials being presented by the trainer. Usually the trainer will give each attendee the opportunity to ask questions at a specified time to ensure everyone is able to hear clearly. Interaction with class attendees is more limited however than a traditional face-to-face setting.

What are the requirements for me to attend either a virtual instructor-led training or e-Learning?

  1. A laptop or desktop computer (with Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word installed), as well as a reliable Internet access.

  2. A headset for your audio, which plugs into your computer.

  3. Zoom software downloaded into your PC.

  4. A quiet place to attend the session so you can clearly hear the trainer, and also to concentrate on the material being delivered.

Where can I find the schedule of these courses?

Download our Training Calendar here. Follow the dates indicated in the calendar if you want to join our public virtual classes. Exclusive virtual classes can be delivered on a different date for a minimum of six (6) participants.

How do I enroll?

Joining is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete our Course Reservation Form. Send it back to

  2. Our sales and marketing team will be in touch to provide more information about the next steps.

  3. For inquiries, call at (02) 7616 8079 or 0917 113 1154 or email us at

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