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Structured Systems Analysis and Design

DURATION: 40 Hours (5 days) 

Course Description

In this course, students learn how to apply the different analysis and design tools and techniques in their project. Students will also learn the importance of requirements analysis phase and their role as analyst during this phase.

This is an intensive, hands-on workshop course, applying the concepts learned to actual project.

Course Objectives

Understand the role of Information Systems in Business


  • Explain the phases in Systems Development

  • Know the different software Engineering Models

  • Understand the roles and skills of business systems analyst

  • Apply the different structured systems analysis tools

  • Understand the different approaches in gathering user requirements

  • Understand and apply the different Design Techniques

Course Features

  • Lecture

  • Group discussion

  • Presentation and application using Case study and actual live project

Who Should Attend

This is a course designed for IT practitioners who are, or may be involved, in ground-up development, systems maintenance and revisions. It is assumed that these practitioners have a working knowledge of at least one (1) 3rd generation language, preferably COBOL and are familiar with IT terminologies.

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