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PHP Programming

DURATION: 40 hours (5 days)

Course Description

Static Webpages are no longer sufficient for the needs of the Internet in the 21st Century. An increasing number of business sites use databases to store data and produce dynamic Webpages. 

PHP and mySQL are a cost-effective but powerful solution to building database driven Websites which can be developed on Windows and deployed on either Windows or Unix(Linux)servers. 

This training will teach participants necessary skills to effectively implement dynamic Web sites using PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and MySQL. Topics include installing and configuring PHP and MySQL, connecting to a MySQL database, writing basic Structured Query Language (SQL) commands, and developing applications with PHP/MySQL. 

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students should be able to:

Demonstrate a basic understanding of PHP language elements by: 

  • identifying and explaining the basic features of PHP, such as variables, arrays, functions, strings, file access, and regular expressions.

  • creating PHP scripts that retrieve information from HTML forms, perform file access, and dynamically create Web page.


Demonstrate a basic understanding of the most commonly encountered SQL commands by: 

  • explaining basic features of relational databases such as Tables, Attributes, Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, result sets and cursors. 

  • identifying, explaining, and coding SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL commands. 

  • identifying, explaining, and showing the ability to join tables through the SELECT statement.


Demonstrate the ability to develop PHP and MySQL Web applications by:  

  • completing projects which show the ability to connect to a MySQL database. 

  • completing projects which show the ability to insert, delete, or update records in a MySQL database.  

  • completing projects which show the ability to query a MySQL database to populate Web forms for user inquiry.

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