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August 23, 2018 - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Somerset Millennium Makati

10F Function Hall



through a conflict or

a challenging IT project

Effectively manage teams through a

conflict or a challenging IT project

IT Projects have grown increasingly complex over time. Project Managers are making sure that it goes beyond keeping them within budget, scope, and schedule to meet the ever-growing quality demands from customers and stakeholders.  It is important to note that conflicts are but a natural part of any undertaking and may arise from various sources. Resolving conflicts require Project Managers to apply techniques that transcend beyond addressing cost-overruns and getting the right people for the job. 

This 2-hour learning workshop focuses on the intricacies of IT projects and how PM’s can manage their teams through a challenging project by exhibiting effective leadership and adapting conflict resolution strategies.  Attend this workshop to learn two of the many key areas that will guide your team towards successfully meeting the overall expectations from most project stakeholders. 

Join us in this 90-minute event to learn:

  • Understand the intricacies of IT projects

  • How to lead a team through a challenging project

  • How to resolve conflicts in a project

  • Practical tips on conflict resolution


Project managers, business managers who lead teams with ongoing projects. 


Php 700 + VAT

(per participant)

inclusive of Snacks and Certificate of Attendance

IMPORTANT: Please settle the Workshop Fee on or before the workshop date. For assistance, please call 830-3000 or 886-3100. 

  1. Registration fee is VAT exclusive. 

  2. Registration begins at 9:30 AM.  Event starts at 10:00 AM sharp. 

  3. This learning session is first come, first served basis only. We can only accommodate 25 participants.

Aug 23, 2018, 10:00 AM
Somerset Millennium Makati
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