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Innovation through

Design Thinking

Learn how Design Thinking can transform your business

Design Thinking is one of the most powerful innovation frameworks for helping your company stay ahead of the competition.
Design Thinking can help you to create both incremental and radical innovations across your company from improving existing products to developing game-changing product and service innovations that push the envelope in your industry.
This bootcamp is fast-paced, hands-on and interactive. It has been designed to focus on “learning by doing” rather than “learning by listening”.
In a team-based workshop, participants are led through the 5 step Design Thinking process and learn the skills and process needed to bring Design Thinking to your organization:
  • Empathize - learn about who we're designing for
  • Define - define the problem are
  • Ideate - ideate solutions
  • Prototype - prototype these solutions
  • Test - test our prototype solutions to empathize more and learn what works


Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:
  • Understand what Design Thinking is and why it’s valuable
  • Learn about Design as a concept
  • Examine Design Thinking case studies
  • Experience at least one full iteration of the Design Thinking process
  • Learn how to Empathize with users through interviews and other research methods
  • Learn how to Define a clear problem statement
  • Learn how to successfully Ideate
  • Learn how to Prototype and the required mindset
  • Learn how to Test your ideas and validate basic design solutions


Admin / HR roles, Senior Management, Product and Project Managers, Innovation Leads,
Programmers and Developers, Graphic Artists, Designers and Creatives
People who want to develop their skills in a new area
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