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Business Process Continuous Improvement Using Lean Six Sigma with Yellow Belt Certificate

DURATION: 24 hours (3 days)

Course Description

This is a 3-day workshop that will enable you to practice and use the Lean Six Sigma methods to aid the organization to radically improve their business processes, doing the right things effectively and efficiently and place metrics to monitor process performance.

Bring your processes with challenges to this course and leave with the ability to successfully deal with those issues. We will assist you in breaking down the problem and work on it throughout the course.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Use Six Sigma tools to achieve breakthroughs in quality and cost reduction.

  • Reduce or eliminate time-based inefficiencies in processes.

  • Gain a full understanding of what Lean Six Sigma is and how to implement it through the DMAIC model.

  • Learn how to integrate Six Sigma with waste elimination, the basis of Lean models.

  • Communicate the value of your Six Sigma process improvements to gain buy-in from both upper management and staff.

  • Overcome the barriers to process optimization.

Course Features

  • Workshop based – bring your project.

  • Instructor-led discussion.

  • Use of software tool in the documentation.

Who Should Attend

This course is helpful for both individuals and teams. Teams benefit from practicing together with the tools and techniques. 

  • Department heads 

  • Operations managers and supervisors 

  • Business process improvement teams 

  • Project managers

  • Business analysts 

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