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Blockchain Overview: Business Professionals

DURATION: 8 hours (1 day)

Course Description

This 1-day instructor-led course is designed for business executives who need to understand the crucial elements of the Blockchain technology. It provides a general overview of the technology and will answer the following questions:

  • What is Blockchain? (What exactly is it?)

  • Non-Technical Technology Overview (How does it work?)

  • Benefits of Blockchain (Why should anyone consider this?)

  • Use Cases (Where and for what apps is it appropriate?)

  • Adoption (Who is using it and for what?)

  • Implementation (How do I get started?)

  • Future of Blockchain (What is its future?

Target Audience

This course is intended for non-technical business executives who are tasked with making business decisions about leveraging Blockchain technology in their businesses. This course is NOT appropriate for technology professionals seeking to gain deeper understanding of Blockchain technology implementation or programming level depth. Since this is an overview course, this does not contain hands-on labs or programming exercises.

Course Content

Module 1: What is Blockchain?

  • Technology Overview

  • History of Blockchain

  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) & Blockchain

Module 2: Non-Technical Technology Overview

  • Cryptography for Executives

  • Key Concepts

    • Public Ledgers

    • Hashes, Block Hashes

    • Distributed and Peer to Peer Technologies

    • Digital Tokens

    • Smart Contracts

    • Bitcoin Mining

  • Authorization and Authentication

  • Security

Module 3: Benefits of Blockchain – Myths & Facts

  • Benefits of Blockchain

  • Value of Blockchain

  • Value of Smart Contracts

  • Role and Value of Digital Tokens

  • Common misconceptions about Blockchains

  • Limitations

Module 4: Use Cases

  • When is it appropriate or not appropriate to use Blockchain

    • Digital Wallets and Payment Systems

    • Money Transfers

    • Transaction Tracking and Management

    • Record Keeping

    • Asset Management

    • Financial Settlements

    • Securities Transactions

    • Contracts

Module 5: Industry Adoption

  • Who is using it and for what?

  • Financial Services Industry

  • Banking Industry

  • Securities & Trading Industry

  • Real Estate Industry

  • Education

  • Technology Industry

  • Legal Industry

  • Insurance

  • Healthcare

  • Supply Chain

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Governments

Module 6: Implementation

  • How do I get started?

    • Requirements Definition & Business Use Case

    • Proof of Concept Development

    • Tools & Technology Infrastructure

    • Deployment Strategy

  • Costs: What does it cost to use this technology?

Module 7: Future of Blockchain

  • What is its future?

  • Industry by Industry Outlook

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