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Why Take up Android Development Training?

Who would forget the times where we would have to call a phone operator to relay our short message to someone’s beeper? It would be such a hassle to find a phone booth just to tell someone our whereabouts. Now, with the dawn of the new technology, it is safe to say that technology these days have surely evolved into something that one would just be imagining if he was in the year 1990.

From just a cellular phone with a huge body and a long antenna came one that we now call smart phones and android phones. These phones are not called “smart” for nothing. There is a feature where you can relay to the computer of your phone the command you want and it does it for you. Features such as auto-correction and GPS are available as well.

Of course, features like these are not easy to make. There are those that really study and research to be able to attempt such complex things in small devices. With the growth of such technology comes the demand of people who are able to keep up with the updated software. This is the reason why there are various new courses that surfaces. These courses offer to teach participants new software.; one of these courses being Android development training.

In the Philippines, Android development training involves lessons on how to effectively build professional mobile business applications using Java and the Android SDK. It also helps to create intuitive, reliable software for android phones and design user interfaces that work with a range of phones.

This training is very useful since the age of technology, including mobile phones, seems as if it would just continue to develop, which means the demand for such knowledge is very useful, not only for mobile companies, but for those who are looking for a job. With this training plus a Java certification, one would surely be an asset for companies in line with technology.

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Eva L
Eva L
13 de set. de 2021

Lovely blog thanks for taking the time to share this

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