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Why is ITIL Important?

Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL can be defined as an approach to the management of IT services which is built on the experiences of those who have implemented IT processes in the past. It is a set of practices and specifies what tools and tasks can speed up any given process related to the IT industry. There are several methods, techniques and approaches that ITIL provides to allow organizations to achieve the benefits of increased quality and return of investments.

However, businessmen would ask “why is ITIL important?”

One of the courses under ITIL is ITIL v3 Foundation Workshop where participants will learn the principles and core elements of the Service Lifecycle approach to IT Service Management according to ITIL v3. Another one is the ITIL Service Offerings and Agreement which is studied in order to master the key in ITIL processes needed to develop service offerings and agreements appropriate to an organization.

With ITIL, employees would be guided in the establishment and management of clear accountabilities in an organization through clearly defining roles and responsibilities which will help highlight who is answerable for items that are significant in an organization.

ITIL trains employees to work fast with full knowledge of what they need to do. With the added accountability, things that need to be done in the company would be dealt with quickly without any delays to avoid the consequences of reduction in the overall quality service delivered and increase cost to deliver that specific service.


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