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Project Management Made-Easy

Useful Applications To Keep Your Project On Track

The process of managing a project varies according to the nature of each industry. Keeping up with the online trend, there came various applications specifically dedicated to each type of industry. There’s a growing number of project management apps with integrated tools for managing your project.

Built-in code repositories and subversion browsers are integrated with subversion browsers, bug and issue tracking. These tools can help you monitor activities and issues accomplished by each member of the team. You can choose from paid or free versions, usually designed for web developer tasks and configured after desktop applications.

Keep your project and your team on track with these user-friendly applications:


The application functions as a tool that simplifies project tasks, allowing users to work more effectively. It collaborates tasks and facilitates email of tasks to users, set milestones of the project, and plan a specified target date of completion. Alongside these features, it also has document and image sharing tools for easier submission.


Springloops is probably one of the most practical, web development collaboration studio designed for highly technical projects and complicated programming tasks. It is a hub for web programmers to work and collaborate on a certain project, with tools such as revision tracker. This reduces time spent on making repetitive changes.

CreativePro Office

Imagine a complete set of office management tools for free, that’s what Creative Pro Office offers. It’s an all-in-one suite for freelance web workers who work remotely. It offers features such as time tracking, job quotes, and invoicing. You can store your files online so you won’t have to use your computer’s memory


Jumpchart is an application which uses the Textile markup language which is fairly simple to use. It is perfect to small and simple web projects and designs. With just a few clicks, it can adjust layout and revisions made by the client. This saves both cost and time.


No Kahuna has a simple interface of project management and issue tracking. It’s straightforward, user-friendly, and includes collaboration and activity tracking tools. Dashboard has news feeds where users can see status of ongoing projects.


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