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Problem Solving and Decision Making

DURATION: 16 hours (2 days)

Course Description

Companies need employees that can systematically solve ill-structured problems. The majority of the problems encountered are not well defined and may not have only one cause or solution. These problems often require investigation. In these cases, the employee must truly investigate by moving beyond preconceived notions and analyzes many possible solutions. Additional data may need to be collected to address the requirements and have to choose and defend the most viable solution to the problem.  

This course introduces unique, effective approaches to problem-solving and decision making that has proven to be successful in producing improvements in efficiency, performance, and productivity.  

Course Objectives

​At the end of this course, the participant should be able to: 

  1. Characterize a problem.

  2. Differentiate between problem-solving and troubleshooting.  

  3. List the goals of the problem-solving process and the steps of problem-solving.  

  4. Distinguish between problems and symptoms.  

  5. Know how to apply the 7 Steps of Problem Solving.

  6. Make reasoned decisions in unfamiliar situations.  

  7. Use different problem-solving tools.

  8. Obtain and evaluate information that is needed to solve a problem.  

  9. Generate questions that provide useful information for solving a problem.  

  10. Document and communicate progress.

Who Should Attend

Business managers, team leads, supervisors and anyone who wants to be able to solve problems and reach a decision in a logical and methodical manner.   

Course Content

  1. Introduction 

  2. Problem Solving and Decision Making Methodologies 

  3. Problem Solving Tools 

  4. Defining the Problem

  5. Determining the Causes 

  6. Develop Solutions 

  7. Implement Solutions  

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