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Data Collection and Mining with Google and Microsoft Forms

DURATION: 4 hours 


This course requires Basic knowledge in Spreadsheets. Knowledge in basic Logical and Lookup Functions are recommended.

Course Description 

Course Description 

This Virtual Class course on Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets is intended for participants who has basic knowledge in spreadsheets and want to discover more innovative ways on data collection. Microsoft Excel can be a useful platform to enter and maintain data whatever the nature of your business. One of the essential activities in business is data gathering or collection. In this course, you will discover a modern and accessible way of collecting data thru online forms using both Google and Microsoft platforms. Since everyone has an access on the internet now a days, it will be easier to acquire information from them via web with regards to surveys, evaluations, taking orders, registration, and a lot more.

Course Objectives

 At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:      


  1. Create and modify forms for both Microsoft and Google

  2. Utilize every feature of MS and Google forms

  3. Compare and contrast Microsoft and Google Forms to choose the best for your business

  4. Learn different tricks to easily gather data from Forms

  5. Summarize collected data from forms

Course Content

Lesson 1:  Introduction to forms

  • MS vs Google Sheet Forms

  • Setting up Forms

  • Designing Forms

  • Linking Forms

Lesson 2:  discovering form features

  • Utilize Option features

  • Creating Surveys, Registrations and Orders

  • Creating Quizzes and tabulating scores

  • Logic Branching Options

Lesson 3: data collection

  • Extraction of Data collected from Forms

  • Organize Data Gathered

  • Using Logical and Lookup Functions on gathered data

  • Polishing and data compacting

Lesson 4: Data summary

  • Basics of Data Mining

  • Summarize using Excel Formulas

  • Summarize using Pivot table basics

Who Should Join

Experienced users who want to maximize their learning and finding innovative ways to gather data. This also targets people who rely on MS Excel to do data entry and want to discover a faster and reliable way to collect data in a more accessible and compact way.

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