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MS Excel VBA Comprehensive

DURATION: 16 hours (2 days)


This course requires Advanced knowledge in Excel. Participants are already expected to be proficient in performing Excel formulas and functions. No programming skills needed since the fundamentals of VBA programming is already included in this course. 

Course Description

This instructor-led advance course on Microsoft Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Application) Comprehensive is intended for advance Excel participants who want to develop automation systems. You will learn to automate and extend the Excel environment to supercharge your Excel models, automate routine tasks, customize your user interface, and manage large quantities of data.


Designed for busy professionals who need to take their Excel abilities to the next level, you will not waste time on topics which you are unlikely to use, and you will receive extra attention to the often confusing or overlooked details that will make the most difference to your ultimate understanding. 

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Know the fundamentals of Visual Basic Programming.

  • Determine different Object interactions in Excel VBA. 

  • Learn Programming Structures.

  • Develop your own automation system for MS Excel.

  • Create Forms for User Interaction and Presentation.

  • Be familiarize with different Active X Controls.

  • Interact and Link with another Office Applications such as Outlook.

Who Should Attend

Advanced users who want to develop automation for their Excel Tasks. Analysts who want to provide faster cleaning of data and produce real-time reports. Heavy users of data in Excel that requires a more reliable, accurate, and quick processing of high-level reports. IT people who want to deliver automation in support with the end-users. 

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