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Mobile Application Development using Android

DURATION: 40 hours (5 days)


Participants should have attended the Java SE course, but if you are an experienced Java developer, this is not necessary. In particular, participants must have a good understanding of the following Java concepts:

  • Class methods and class fields

  • Exception handling

  • Object Oriented Concepts

  • Design Patterns

  • Packages

  • JAR Files

  • The Collections Framework

  • Generics

  • Reflection

  • Eclipse IDE

  • Unit Testing

  • Version Control Software

Course Description

Android Development Training Program for Beginner is a 5-day hands-on guide to designing and building mobile applications using Google’s Android open-source platform.

The course explains what Android is, the Android SDK, all essential features, as well as the advanced capabilities and APIs, such as background services and notifications. This complete hands-on workshop encourages participants to learn by building a real-life working application, which can serve as a basis for their future Android projects.

By the end of the course, each participant will have a complete functional Android application incorporating most of the key features of the platform.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will learn:

  • Build Android applications.

  • Understand how Android applications work, their life cycle, manifest, Intents, and using external resources.

  • Design and develop useful Android applications with compelling user interfaces by using, extending, and creating their own layouts and “Views” and using “Menus”.

  • Take advantage of Android’s APIs for data storage, retrieval, user preferences, files, databases, and content providers.

  • Utilize the power of background services and notifications.

  • Use Android’s communication APIs for internet resources (HTTP).

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