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Microsoft Access Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

DURATION: 24 hours (3 days)


This course requires the participants to have intermediate to advanced knowledge in Microsoft Access or have taken a course in Advanced Microsoft Access. 

Course Description

This intensive 3-day instructor-led advanced course in Microsoft Access VBA is designed to introduce new Access programmers to VBA to help them create a robust and powerful database application by taking a structured approach to Access VBA.


Participants will create procedures and functions using the VBA language and Access objects, as well as debugging and review of error handling techniques. It will help new database developers plan their applications systematically and promote good design and development techniques. 

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Create and test VBA sub-routines and functions. 

  • Control interaction between forms and pass data back and forth. 

  • Create and debug pull down filters on forms. 

  • Create the capability to instantly search for records. 

  • Use Recordsets within forms to locate specific records. 

  • Convert queries into SQL and place them inside a VBA code. 

  • Create complex reports using embedded queries and recordsets. 

  • Secure forms by turning off resize and close capabilities. 

  • Hide the menu and navigation pane and bring them back. 

Who Should Attend 

Participants who would like to have a full database system without automation using Access VBA. Programmers of other languages that would like to learn how to apply programming in Access and anyone who is responsible for working with Access databases.  

Course Content

  • Programming in Access VBA. 

  • Object Models. 

  • Advanced Techniques in Access VBA. 

  • Access VBA in Action. 

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