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Linux Fundamentals 

DURATION: 16 hours (2 days)

Course Description

This 2-day course enables you to perform everyday tasks using the Linux operating system.

Course Objectives 

After completing this course, students should be able to learn the following skills:

  • Log in to an Linux system and set a user password

  •  Manage Linux files and directories

  •  Describe the purpose of the shell

  •  Use the vi editor

  •  Execute common Linux commands and manage Linux processes 

  • Customize the working environment

  •  Use common Linux utilities

  •  Explain what a shell script is.

  •  Write a simple shell script.

  • Distinguish between the major shell environments and select a shell based on its characteristics.

  • Redirect standard input and output and use file descriptors.

  • Use substitution and quoting to expand and match files and commands.

  • Write a shell script that uses the shell's command execution and substitution capabilities.


General computer literacy.

Course Content 

  • Introduction to Linux Operating System

  • Using the System

  • Linux Documentation

  • Files and Directories 

  • Using Files

  • File Permissions

  • The vi Editor

  • Shell Basics

  • Using Shell Variables

  • Processes

  • Controlling Processes

  • Customizing the User Environment

  • grep Command

  • wc command

  • sort command

  • head Command

  • tail command

  • tr command

  • cut command

  • awk command

  • Functions of the Shell

  • History of the Shell

  • Which Shell Am I Using?

  • Shell Startup Files

  • Spawning Processes

  • Background Processing

  • The kill and jobs command

  • Suspending Jobs

  • Differences between shell types

  • Command Line Editing

  • Aliases

  • The history Command

  • Functions

  • The set Command

  • Creating a Script

  • Sending Arguments to a Script

  • The if Statement

  • Operators

  • The for Loop

  • The while Loop

  • The until Loop

  • The read Statement

  • The case Statement

  • break and continue

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