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Completed Staff Work:  Delivering Results Effectively

DURATION: 16 hours (2 days)

Course Description

This seminar-workshop is designed to equip participants with the right knowledge, attitude and proper skills on how to effectively prepare, develop, coordinate and communicate work completed.  

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, the participant should be able to: 

  1. Know and appreciate the doctrine of the completed staff work. 

  2. Know and understand the roles and responsibilities of each person in the workplace. 

  3. Learn how to determine and write the problem statement and scope of work. 

  4. Understand the impact of our communication. 

  5. Learn how to deliver service with heart.  

  6. Learn the different parts in documenting the results. 

  7. Learn different techniques in elicitation. 

  8. Apply the principles learned. 

Course Content

  1. Introduction 

    1. What is Completed Staff Work (CSW)?

    2. Doctrine of CSW

    3. Principles and Characteristics of CSW

    4. Roles and Responsibilities 

    5. Attitude and Skills needed to do CSW

  2. Prepare 

    1. ​Define/Write the Problem/Issue Statement

    2. Identify the stakeholders

    3. Identify and know the decision-makers

    4. Determine Scope of Work

    5. Identify the work breakdown structure

    6. Develop Plan/Schedule 

  3. Develop ​

    1. ​Gather/Elicit Information 

      1. Document Research 

      2. Interview 

      3. Meetings 

      4. Focus Groups

    2. Document

    3. Analyze/Condense 

    4. Develop and Assess Options/Alternatives  

      1. Gap Analysis (As – Is : To – Be)

    5. Conclusion/Recommendation 

  4. Communicate

    1. ​​Prepare Report/Papers 

      1. Report/Result of Study 

      2. Information Papers 

      3. Position Papers 

      4. Coordination Papers 

      5. Decision Papers

    2. General guidelines 

    3. Presentation  

  5. Tools and Techniques in CSW 

  6. Issues and Concerns in the CSW processes

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