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Business Analytics Masterclass for HR


24 hours (3 days)

Course Description

This 3-day Masterclass will allow HR professionals to learn the techniques in using data and sophisticated analysis of people-related issues. By the of the HR Specialization, you will be able to demonstrate the use of hard data to make soft-skill decisions about hiring and talent development, so that you can position yourself as a strategic partner in your company's talent management decisions. 


Some of the use cases to be tackled:


  • Employee Engagement 

  • Performance Management 

  • Employee Segmentation 

  • Employee Turnover Prediction 

  • Time to Attrition Modelling 

Questions this Masterclass will help you answer 

  1. What is Big Data in business?

  2. How do I improve and innovate my business and organization using Data?

  3. How do I transform Data into Business Value?

  4. What are the 4 types of analytics and how can I apply them to my domain and industry?

  5. How do I use Data to understand 'what happened' to my business?

  6. How do I use Data to understand 'why something is happening' to my business?

  7. How do I use Data to predict 'what will happen' to my business?

  8. How do I use Data to recommend ' what should happen' to my business? 

  9. How can I use Data to create products and services based on my customers' wants and needs?

  10. How can I translate insights into business strategies using Data?

  11. How do I beat the competition through disruptive innovation using Data?

  12. How do I set-up my own data value chain to execute my business analytics strategies?

  13. How can I become a responsible and ethical user of Data in the context of business?

Course Features 

  • Instructor-led workshop 

  • Real-world use cases for discussion 

  • ​​Discussion of strategies and action 

Who should attend this?

The Business Analytics Masterclass for HRis for you if you are a manager, C-level executive or HR professional who would like to leverage on analytics to gain a wider business perspective through data. No previous background in analytics or programming is required, as this is not a coding masterclass.  However, experience in statistics and/or basic Microsoft Excel skills would be useful. 

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