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Business Analytics Masterclass for Finance


24 hours (3 days)

Course Description

This 3-day Masterclass will allow finance professionals to learn how to use data to assess what drives financial performance to forecast future financial scenarios and how it can provide insight into other business areas. By the end of this Specialization, attendees of this Masterclass will understand how financial and non-financial data interact to forecast events, optimize operations and determine business strategy. 


Some of the use cases to be tackled:


  • Financial Performance Analysis 

  • Financial Forecasting 

  • Fraud Anomaly Detection 

  • Probability of Default Prediction/Credit Scoring 

  • Time-to-Loss Modeling 

Questions the Masterclass will help you answer 

  1. What is Big Data in business?

  2. How do I improve and innovate my business and organization using Data?

  3. How do I transform Data into Business Value?

  4. What are the 4 types of analytics and how can I apply them to my domain and industry?

  5. How do I use Data to understand 'what happened' to my business?

  6. How do I use Data to understand 'why something is happening' to my business?

  7. How do I use Data to predict 'what will happen' to my business?

  8. How do I use Data to recommend ' what should happen' to my business? 

  9. How can I use Data to create products and services based on my customers' wants and needs?

  10. How can I translate insights into business strategies using Data?

  11. How do I beat the competition through disruptive innovation using Data?

  12. How do I set-up my own data value chain to execute my business analytics strategies?

  13. How can I become a responsible and ethical user of Data in the context of business?

Course Features 

  • Instructor-led workshop 

  • Real-world use cases for discussion 

  • ​​Discussion of strategies and action 

Who should attend this?

The Business Analytics Masterclass for Finance is for you if you are a manager, C-level executive, entrepreneur or business professional who would like to leverage on analytics to gain a wider business perspective through data. No previous background in analytics or programming is required, as this is not a coding masterclass.  However, experience in statistics and/or basic Microsoft Excel skills would be useful. 

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