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AZ-300: Azure Architect Technologies

DURATION: 40 hours (5 days)

Course Description

This five-day course is aligned to Azure Exam: AZ-300, Azure Architect-Technologies contains the following: 

  • AZ-300T01: Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure.

  • AZ-300T02: Implementing Workloads and Security.

  • AZ-300T03: Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions.

  • AZ-300T04: Creating and Deploying Apps.

  • AZ-300T05: Implementing Authentication and Secure Data.

  • AZ-300T06: Developing for the Cloud.

Course Content


  • Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources.

  • Implementing and Managing Storage.

  • Deploying and Managing VMs.

  • Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks.

  • Managing Identities using Azure Active Directory.

  • Evaluating and Performing Server Migration to Azure.

  • Implementing and Managing Application Services.

  • Implementing Advanced Virtual Networking.

  • Securing Identities using Azure AD.

  • Design and Connectivity Patterns.

  • Hybrid Networking.

  • Measure Throughput and Structure of Data Access.

  • Creating Web Applications using PaaS.

  • Creating Apps and Services Running on Service Fabric.

  • Using Azure Kubernetes Service.

  • Implementing Authentication Topics for this module include Implementing Secure Data.


Course Features

  • Instructor-led discussion

  • Hands-on labs

Who Should Attend

Successful Cloud Solutions Architects begin this role with practical experience with operating systems, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, storage structures, billing, and networking.

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