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ASP.Net MVC 4 Training

DURATION: 40 hours (5 days)

Course Description 


The 5-day instructor-led workshop is a comprehensive introduction to developing applications with ASP.Net MVC 4 and will provide you with the necessary skills to develop on the Microsoft MVC framework. Students will learn how to design and develop services that access local and remote data from various data sources. They will also learn how to develop and deploy services to hybrid environments, including on-premises servers and Windows Azure.

Course Objectives 

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand and get introduced to Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.  

  • Learn how to build web forms using ASP.NET 4.

  • Learn the various server controls for use in web forms. 

  • Use Master pages and themes in web applications. 

  • Familiarize with object-oriented programming and C# programming language.

  • Learn event handling and exception handling. 

  • Manage state using server state and client state.

  • Build multilingual sites using resource files. 

  • Connect to databases using ADO.NET.

  • Learn to use various Data-bound controls to display and manipulate data.



Participants attending this course should at least have1-2years of programming experience with a basic understanding of Program Logic Formulation (PLF), basic concepts of the World Wide Web (WWW) and HTTP Requests and Response. They should also have prior understanding and experience of web browser clients and server technologies. 

Who Should Attend 


This course is ideal for application, software or web developers, programmers, program managers or team leaders who would like to learn ASP.Net MVC 4. 

Course Content 

  1. Exploring ASP.Net MVC 4. 

  2. Designing ASP.Net MVC 4 Web Applications. 

  3. Developing ASP.Net MVC 4 Models. 

  4. Developing ASP.Net MVC 4. 

  5. Testing and Debugging ASP.Net MVC 4 Web Applications. 

  6. Structuring ASP.Net MVC 4 Web Applications. 

  7. Applying Styles to MVC 4 Web. 

  8. Building Responsive Pages in ASP.Net MVC 4 Web. 

  9. Using JavaScript and jQuery for Responsive MVC 4 Web Application. 

  10. Controlling Access to ASP.Net MVC 4 Web. 

  11. Building a Resilient ASP.Net MVC 4 Web. 

  12. Using Windows Azure Web Services in ASP.Net MVC 4 Web Application. 

  13. Implementing Web APIs in ASP.Net MVC 4 Web Application. 

  14. Handling Requests in ASP.Net MVC 4 Web Applications. 

  15. Deploying ASP.Net MVC 4 Web Applications. 

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