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DURATION: 40 hours (5 days)


To appreciate and take full advantage of this course, the participant  must have :

  • Working knowledge  of  Windows

  • Knowledge of creating  and maintaining web pages using HTML

  • Knowledge of  any Object Oriented Programming Language

Course Description

.NET is a framework supporting Web Applications and Web Services Development using various languages. ASP.NET is an environment for the development of Server-side Applications. Web Applications and Web Services can be developed and deployed in ASP.NET framework using various languages.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students should be able to learn:

  • Introduction to Microsoft.NET.

  • Introduction to the new features of IDE.

  • Scripting with C# in ASP.NET.

  • Object-oriented programming in ASP.NET.

  • Working with  ASP.NET Server Controls.

  • Develop an ASP.NET application.

  • Debugging Tools and Exception Handling.

  • Implementing Structured Data through XML.

  • Introduction to ADO.NET.

  • Manipulating data in ASP.NET.

  • Working with Web Services.

  • Advanced features of ASP.NET.

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