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Angular JS 2.0 

DURATION: 24 hours (3 days)


Attendees of this training should have a strong foundation in HTML 5, Advanced Javascript and Basic ECMAScript6 or Typescript. 

Course Description

Angular JS is a full-featured framework that is incredibly popular among developers. For single-page applications, the Angular JS framework creates rich interactive features for a real-time experience. It is friendly to developers and has a supportive and active community.  

This 3-day hands-on, instructor-led training will allow you to apply your understanding of HTML and JavaScript to learn how to build single-page web applications using Angular JS. You’ll be introduced to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) programming pattern and get a chance to build your own application from scratch by the end of this course.​

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Learn why server-side JavaScript is useful.

  • Install Node.js.

  • Learn how Node.js is architected to allow high scalability with asynchronous code. 

  • Create basic web applications with Node.js. 

  • Automate tasks with Gulp.

  • Build an HTTP server using the core modules in Node.js. 

  • Use stream I/O to efficiently serve the web pages. 

  • Create modules to organize the server.

  • Test the reliability of the application with unit tests.

  • Convert the application to an MVC framework using Express.

  • Interface to a MongoDB database and a web service 

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for experienced web developers and anyone who wishes to further develop their web development skills. 

Course Content

  1. Introduction 

  2. Angular 2 Setup 

  3. Angular 2 Architecture Overview 

  4. What are Components 

  5. What are Templates, Interpretation, Directives 

  6. Data Binding

  7. Services and Dependency Injection 

  8. Retrieving Data using HTTP 

  9. Navigation and Routing 

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